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Union J.Plus (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Union J.Plus was founded in the year of 2001 by an experienced management team whose experience with plastic industry for over 10 years

The Management has given the importance of the recycle market by reusing the recycle products. This idea is to reduced wastes, pollutions, production cost for the plastic products manufacturers, and has given more choices for consumers to choose the products.

Recycle plastic can be use to produce many kind of products as plastic bag, plastic pipe, utensil, and water tank .However, recycle plastic can not be usa in the production of food grade product

Present day recycle plastic has become the important part in many lines of production, including kitchens industry, automative industry, fishing industry, including electronic industry. With this reason plastic industry has been mature in the market constantry.

Recycle plastic is another wise choice for the producer to producer to produce the products and also more selections for the consumers to choose from. Importantly, it is to reduce large amoount of waste products and to reduce different types of pollutions.

To give customer confidence through high quality and reliable products at the reasonable price.

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